• Hotline about servicemen in the combat zone
        +374-10-285425, +374-10-283742, +374-10-281294

  • Hotline about health condition of wounded servicemen and volunteer fighters
        128, +374-12-210000 (Calls from Artsakh and from Abroad), +374-10-294674 (09:00-18:00), 8501, 8502, 8503, +374-10-660054

  • Hotline for providing social and psychological assistance during martial law
        117, 114

  • Hotline for free online psychological assistance to combatants and their families, as well as to injured citizens

  • Hotline about entry-exit and movements between Armenia and Artsakh
        +374-47-954229, +374-47-944529

  • Hotline on issues of citizens arrived from Artsakh without documents
        +374-10-370264, +374-11-370268, +374-11-370243

  • Hotline for cash payment of pensions and state benefits to persons registered in the Republic of Artsakh
        114, +374-10-514514

  • Hotline on provision, recalculation, resumption of pension payments to Artsakh residents who found a temporary shelter in Armenia, and on
        provision of child benefits

        +374-60-654089, +374-97-246475, 114

  • Hotline for health problems, as well as in case of coronavirus symptoms

  • Hotline for education of children from Artsakh

  • Hotline for social and administrative service and provision of various assistance to citizens of Artsakh who found a temporary shelter in Armenia
        +374-10-590339, 8138

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